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Writer's Block: Wishing Well 
24th-May-2012 12:33 am
Animal Crossing
What world from a video game would you most like to live in? What draws you to this fictional universe?

Either Monkey Island, King's Quest, or Animal Crossing. In Monkey Island I could be a mighty pirate! And it's just plain fun. King's Quest is full of magic and awesome adventures and hilarity. And in Animal Crossing I could make a living picking fruit and catching bugs and exchanging furniture... My neighbors would be cute animals. The sweet life, yes.

Those or Pokemon. Because then, yanno, I'd have Pokemon. :B


I am now the owner of a 3DS because I said "screw it" and bought it. I usually wait it out for the next improved system to come along. But I figure if they make a newer, better 3DS I'll just trade up. It is fabulous. And I need this to play the new Animal Crossing when it is released. ;3;
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