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Poke Stuff! ~~*List of Wants*~~ 
6th-Jan-2012 09:00 am
Pokemon I

-- I prefer new-like plush with tags. Exceptions for older plush, which are harder to get minty.

* = major want

- Bulbasaur: Petit figure strap *, Tomy sleepy Bulbasaur figure *, Banpresto pillow/stackable plush *, XY MPC Starter/Friends plush, Tomy plush med size (with cardboard base), Retro 8-bit T-shirt

- Meowth: Osaka Pokemon Center plush *, Osaka Pokemon Center special strap, 2012 Pikachu lottery plush holding mini Meowth Pokedoll, Adventure Goods Meowth figure strap with Amulet Coin

- Cyndaquil: Secret Base Pokedoll * (really want JP and also US), Mini Secret Base Pokedoll keychain, Petit figure strap

- Buizel: Pokemon Time-- clear file, rubber strap, candy tin, Hip Pop Parade-- rubber strap, clear file

- Umbreon: Banpresto stackable/pillow plush *, 2013 Pokemon Center phone strap figure, Pokemon Time-- rubber strap, clear file, t-shirt

- Leafeon: Awake Kuttari plush *, Banpresto stackable/pillow plush *, 2013 Pokemon Center phone strap figure

- Glaceon: Awake Kuttari plush *, Banpresto stackable/pillow plush *, MPC plush, 2013 Pokemon Center phone strap figure

- Substitute : Keychain, t-shirt, socks, beanie from pokemoncenter.com *, Adventure Goods figure strap with Whimsicott *

- Meowstic ♂ : Pokemon Center large plush, Banpresto DX plush, Banpresto XY male chibi plush, Tomy plush (with cardboard base), Espurr Wanted large plush

- Espurr : Asleep and Awake Kuttari plush, Pokedoll

- Lapras : Secret Base Mini Pokedoll keychain, Petit figure strap, Banpresto XY Ice Type 10" large plush, Banpresto Ice Type XY Cooler Bag

- Porygon-Z : UFO plush, MPC plush

- Tepig : 1:1 Pokemon Center plush, Dream World Sleeping plush, Dream World strap, Osaka Pokemon Center special strap, Tomy shiny plush, shiny Pokemon Kid

- Litleo : Litleo/Pyroar Zukan

- Dialga : 2015 Pokemon Kid, Special Hoopa Movie Set Tomy Figure

- Swirlix : Tomy plush, Pokemon Center figure strap, Pokemon Kid

Random Pokemon Wants~
- Little Tales Girafarig mascot plush
- Retro 8-bit Charizard large cushion
- Pikachu Charizard X big poncho plush
- Skitty All Star collection plush *
- Mega Venusaur Zukan
- Pikachu ketchup promo cap figures and plush *
- Pokemon Center Pikachu with ketchup mug and coaster *
- Pokemon Time Shinx clear file and candy tin
- Dunsparce Battle Museum figure
- Tropius Zukan
- Chatot Pokedoll


- I have a Bug collection of my favorite Bug Types: Butterfree line, Beedrill line, Paras line, Venomoth, Spinarak line, Heracross, Nincada line, Masquerain, Mothim, Sewaddle line, Joltik line, Larvesta line, Anorith line, and Scatterbug line...
I appreciate rare/interesting items featuring these Bug Pokemon. :3
I am missing - Heracross, Surskit/Masquerain, and Anorith/Armaldo Zukan


* Haves :
-- Note : This is just a short list of items I have gotten somehwat recently. For my larger collections-- Bulbasaur, Dialga, Buizel, Tepig, Umbreon, Glaceon, Leafeon-- I have a lot of older merch I'm not listing here.
- Xerneas : large Pokemon Center plush, Zukan, Pokemon Kid, Pokedoll
- Litleo : Pokemon Center plush, Kid, Pokemon Center plastic key chain, magnet, coin, PC clear file, PC figure strap, PC charm set, Gashapn strap, candy figure, Tomy figure, MPC plush, Type Focus Fire/Electric-- blanket, pouch, clear file, phone pouch, tote bag
- Swirlix : Pokemon Center plush, Pokedoll
- Bulbasaur: Pokemon Center Plush, Tomy plush, Pokemon Kid, Petit Plush, Grass/Bug Type Focus clear file, 2013 Pokedoll, Dot Sprite --keychain, lanyard, pass case-- Giant Sleepy Bulbasaur cushion/plush, Pokedoll keychain charm
- Umbreon : Pokemon Time plush, figure strap, I <3 Eevee plush mascot strap, Kuttare awake and asleep plush, Mystery Mansion-- charm, clear file, pass case, hand towel
Buizel : Pokemon Time giant plush/cushion, Pokemon Time figure strap, Hip Pop Parade plush pouch, Hip Pop Parade mascot plush
Substitute : Japanese versions of all sizes of plush, Pokemon Center charm, mech pencil, iPhone 6 silicone case

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