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Writer's Block: Love stinks 
28th-Sep-2010 11:27 pm
Ace Attorney
Which song would you pick to describe your romantic life, and why?

... Is there a love song about, like, having a nonexistent love life? Like, there's nothing going on... at all... ever... And would that even count as a romantic song? Or is there a song about how you will die alone and be eaten by your poor cats?
...I actually think Love Stinks is a pretty good song, maybe I'm alone in this, idk.

I have to say that if this entire season of House is going to be all about how House and Cuddy have omg finally shacked up, I'm going to be pretty not interested in watching it.... Really I was hoping they'd do away with the whole Cuddy/House thing after she adopted a baby and after she was in that relationship with the detective guy, but of course not. They keep bringing it back.
They take a great character like House, who enjoys/wants/needs to be miserable, and they ruin it. If the whole season is about whether or not their 'ship can work... idk. Hopefully it will crash and burn and it can be put to rest, finally. Or Cuddy dies. One of those.
29th-Sep-2010 06:08 am (UTC)
Oh man, this season of House is so dull, thus far. I guess it eventually had to happen to appease the Huddy fans, but... ugh. UGH. Bored now. They are so bad for each other. I don't mean to say that every tv relationship has to be perfect or anything. Dysfunction can make couple interaction interesting, or relatable, but in House and Cuddy's case, it's like... them being together makes House a terrible diagnostician because he just caves to his Woman all the time, and he's not even entertaining to watch anymore, what without his bitter sarcasm. I suspect House was right about it being a doomed relationship... we just have to be bored to tears until it reaches that point.

OT, thank you for your comment on my last entry. It means a lot. <3
29th-Sep-2010 06:50 am (UTC)
Wow. Why can I never remember it's Cuddy with two Ds... not Ts.

I'm really hoping the writers have something good up their sleeves so it won't be all 'lol we're together now, can you believe it!!??' BS all season... Like, idk, if the relationship was actually interesting and worked on some level, I could live with it, but... Yeah. Like you said, it's not and it doesn't. I hope it does fail and House can go back to being miserable and a good doctor and won't have to worry about appeasing Cuddy and it can all be good. Or he can hook up with Wilson.

And you're welcome, of course. Sorry I couldn't really say anything more. ♥
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